What We Do

I know from personal experience how exciting it is visualising and planning how you want your dream garden to look.

The types of plants you want, where they’ll go and what garden features would compliment your garden design and so on.

I also know that things can get quite hectic while getting stuck in and how preparing your garden areas for planting can be hard but enjoyable work.

So while you are looking forward to seeing the result of your garden plans and hard work come to fruition. You’re as keen as mustard to complete your beautiful garden.

So all that is needed to finish your garden is to get your purchases home and doing so is not always as easy as we think.

There are a number of important things we can overlook.

Things like plant size, height, weight and the bulk of plants like trees,  shrubs and the size of bags or containers they’re growing in.

Similar metrics apply to garden orniments, water features, garden art and the like. As well as multible numbers of annuals, perenials, shrubs and plant seedlings that keen gardeners like yourself purchase.

Garden lovers also buy products to help maintain, enhance and protect the health of their plants and the medium they grow in.

So at times you may be asking yourself the question. How do you get all these garden goodies home ?

Maybe it’s because you don’t have the space in your vehicle to get every item in. Of course there are a few ways to overcome this problem easily enough.

Some garden centres do provide loan trailers for customer use or you pay to hire one. Not a good option if you’re wanting to save money.

Besides that there is the time factor involved and the hazzle of making an extra trip returning a loaned or a hired trailer.

You could pay a fee to have your purchases delivered home for you but do they provide a same day service?

Here’s where my service can assist you, save you money as well as your valuable time.

I provide a same day pick up service to get your purchases home from local Garden Centres, Wholesale Plant Nurseries, DIY Stores, Trade Me & Neighbourly.

It’s as easy as just telling me what you want picked up and where it has to go and I’ll take care of it for you.

My Basic Service Starts From Just $39… or I can give you a quote.

I pick up garden plants, bagged compost, potting mix & vegetable mix, garden accessories, potted plants, bagged fruit and ornimental trees, plant stakes and so on.

Bulky items that include; Lawn mowers, water blasters, ornaments, plant pots, etc.

Need Help? Text Ben 0274196252 for a fast reply and free qoute.

Why not take advantage of Fetchit Man’s same day service which is prompt, convenient, time saving and easy.

Text or call me to arrange a pick up of your garden items and leave the rest to me.

*I also run Urgent Errands by request.

If you’re busy or don’t have the time to pick up gifts for someone special or for that special occassion I can help pick up your Garden Gifts,  Flower Bouquets, or Garden Accessories and deliver them for you.

I’m here to help. Book a pick up or request a quote here